Balenciaga is a Spanish haute couture fashion house.
It was founded by the legendary designer Christobal Balenciaga in year 1919.

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Balenciaga City bagbalenciaga 2013 replica bagsCristobal Balenciaga (1895 - 1972) famousSpanish (basque) designer is a founder of Balenciaga fashion house. From his early childhood he was familiar with dresses, seams and fashion as his mother worked as a dressmaker. Cristobal Balenciaga later was sent to study in Madrid, where he learned more about tailoring and he is also known for the fact that he himself designed the apparel, cut the dresses and also tailored them together as his skill level was complete in all the aspects of fashion making.

He was uncompromising designer and his absolute talent has made Balenciaga one of the top fashion houses and is also dressing the celebrities and other elite today. Balenciaga was well recognized in Spain, royal family were his clients, when he moved to Paris and opened a shop in 1937 and the success followed him there. Balenciaga was also inventive when it came to fabrics, as well as silhouettes, some claim that Christian Dior was inspired by Balenciaga and the some of his famous looks were created after Balenciaga designs.

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